Apostle Lobban

Apostle Donovan Lobban

Ministerial, entrepreneur, business visionary and spiritual leader in and around his community, Apostle Donovan Lobban is the Pastor and Founder of The Greater Bethlehem Ministry (“TGBM”) since its conception in 1998.  A community church located in Brampton, ON, located at 289 Rutherford Road S., Unit 11.


Apostle Lobban was born in Jamaica to Jamaican parents, who instilled in him from an early age the importance and power of serving the Lord.  Though he is coming from humble beginnings, he has over the years developed into a profound and dynamic speaker for the Lord.  Through his community work, many speaking engagements and conferences, Apostle Lobban has been able to motivate and inspire all those he comes in contact with.  Driven by his love and passion for the Lord, his caring and compassionate spirit has also enabled him to be a tower of strength to many.  These attributes are also borne out in his missionary activities ministering to the homeless, in prisons and working with other missionary organizations.  His humility and passion for Christ has been the force that has him in this mission in winning others for Christ.  This has garnered him to be a spiritual source to others.


Truly, a man that is ordained and sent by God to preach the Gospel to those that are bound, bruised and afflicted by the enemy.  Apostle Lobban is a man on a MISSION.  As declared by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:11:


“…put on the whole armour of God…”


This verse has quickly become a mantra in this man of God’s life as he continues to profess the Gospel, winning souls for Christ and continue to walk steadily in the Lord.

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